Interview with Chief Development Officer Moritz Gillmair

Who are you?

Hi everyone, I am Moritz! I have studied Liberal Arts and Sciences (with a focus on policy, economics and business) at Maastricht University and UC Berkeley. Currently, I am able to apply my diverse background in a public sector consulting internship at PwC in Düsseldorf!


What is your role at BridgeEurope?

My role is to make sure our chapter founders have all sources to prosper! Further, as Chief Development Officer I am responsible for scaling BridgeEurope’s activities in Europe. To do so, I headhunt and recruit extremely talented and bright people that want to become Regional Acquisition Managers at BridgeEurope!

What was your motivation to join BridgeEurope?

BridgeEurope’s slogan that good governance starts with constructive political discussion deeply resonates with me. I have always loved discussing ideas that can move the world. What I love even more is to do so in a respectful manner with people that have different opinions than I do. I love that there is nothing comparable to BridgeEurope, it is simply unique and beautiful to me.

What is it like working for BridgeEurope?

Working for BridgeEurope is a bliss. I have never been part of a team in which I have met such smart, passionate and hard-working individuals. Just take a look at any volunteer in our organization and you will see how outstanding and amazing he or she is. I also love that we have such strong communication culture even though we are spread all over the world from San Francisco to Munich.

Where do you see BridgeEurope in 5 years?

In five years we will have active chapters at every major university in Europe, in fifteen years the first BridgeEurope alumni will be elected as MPs, become head of think tanks or businesses and in fifty years debate culture will be stronger, more empathetic and more fact-based than ever before.