Letter from the Founder

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Today, the world around us is changing faster than ever before. Technological breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Biotechnology, Blockchain, and so forth are starting to fundamentally alter the ways we have earned ourselves a living in the past. With populists on the rise in between Brexit, the European elections, and an American president looking at Europe unfavourably, we are also seeing the most fractured political landscape of our lifetimes. And in addition to that, the benign institutions we built after the darkest of times – the UN, WTO, NATO – are under attack.

I founded BridgeEurope with the intent to spark a light in the world. We as youth are often overheard in the process of public policy because of many reasons – lacking knowledge of the intricate processes pertaining to particular policies, being too small of an electorate group, or missing the network to influence public opinion. 

But we are many. Together and through an effective organization, we can make large-scale impact. We, on aggregate, do have the skills to weigh in on important policy issues constructively. And if we engage one another, galvanizing the people around us, we can make a change.

It has been a great joy to see people all over Europe – Aachen, Maastricht, Munich, and London – stand together behind the idea that constructive discourse shall determine our governance. And there is much more work to be done. But during the past 6 months, we have built the foundation for what’s ought to come. In the next weeks, we will launch a comprehensive action plan for sweeping all over Europe. Thank you for your incredible work until now – the greatest is yet to come.


David Reuter

Founder and CEO, BridgeEurope e.V.