Interview with Chief Financial Officer Kristina Breckenridge

Who are you?

My name is Kristina Breckenridge. I’m beginning my sixth and final semester at LMU Munich as a North American Studies Major and Law Minor. An avid Model United Nations participant, I am also a teaching assistant and work in the career service office at the LMU. I have loved politics and debate for as long as I can remember! I can remember discussing politics with my grandfather from a very young age.


 What is your role at BridgeEurope?

As Chief Financial Officer, it is my role to support our CEO by organizing day-to-day financial applications and processes as well as coordinating our annual conference and managing budgeting. I am focused on helping to organize the financial needs of the organization at large, creating templates and other aid to the respective local chapters.


What was your motivation to join BridgeEurope?

Having already started a debate club a few months prior, I was looking for more support and innovation to expand the club. As a German-American, transatlantic relations have always been a central part of my life. I have also always been passionate about the principles of discussion and free speech. For these reasons, joining BridgeEurope was not a difficult decision. 


What is it like working for BridgeEurope?

We have a very supportive team who have been overwhelmingly open to new developments and concepts. Now that my responsibilities are kicking off as CFO with our official status and nonprofit status, I am looking forward to being able to serve the needs of my coworkers more consistently and internationally! The leadership at BridgeUSA has unquestionably been vital to our formation and development in Europe. Jonathan Ampalloor, my BridgeUSA counterpart, has been especially helpful and instructive in developing my responsibilities and role as CFO.


Where do you see BridgeEurope in 5 years?

I see BridgeEurope mirroring its sister organization BridgeUSA as a widespread organization reaching across Europe and partnering with major transatlantic organizations. I see a clearly defined and consistent partnership between BridgeUSA and BridgeEurope as well as an annual conference in Europe where all chapters can meet and collaborate on further expansion and innovation.